Real Estate


REDMIL Group is previously known as STFC Group

At REDMIL excellence isn’t just another word, it’s a habit.

It is the credo that has made us one of the fastest growing and most dependable Real Estate & Financial consultants in Industry today.

We owe our meteoric rise to the upper management of the Industry to our ceaseless efforts to understand the core needs of our customers, beyond their expectations and offer best services to all clients.

Professionalism is at the main source of REDMIL Group, Percolates down to every member of our team.


Redmil Business Club has a mission to provide good opportunity for all in all the fields like Real Estate,Equity,Deposits,Mutual Funds,Insurance and Loans.

Real Estate

We are Service Provider Company, working under the name and style of STFC Group since 2006 at Kanpur.


It is the credo that has made us one of the fastest growing and most dependable Consultants for Share Trading in Industry today.


It is the credo that has made us one of the fastest growing and most dependable Consultants for Fixed Deposits in Industry today.

Mutual Funds

Mutual fund is a professionally-managed investment scheme where a group of people invest their money in stocks, bonds & other securities.


General insurance , including automobile and homeowners policies, provide payments depending on the loss from a particular financial event.


We offer different types of home loans, not only for buying a house but also for a variety of other purposes these days from top lenders.


Looking forward, the REDMIL Group will be committed to becoming a pioneer in providing exclusive services, taking the lead in ease-of-use, technical perspective, added value and driving innovations to serve nationwide.

REDMIL Cafe Pvt Ltd

Redmil Cafe Pvt Ltd is the master company. All the companies in Redmil Group comes under Redmil Cafe Pvt Ltd.

REDMIL LMart Pvt. Ltd.

Redmil L Mart Pvt Ltd company is dealing in Mortgages and loans since 4 years.

Shree Tele Trade

At Shree Tele Trade we deal in Share Broking, Equity & Commodities under the following exchanges:- NSE, BSE & MCX. We are expertise in Equity, Commodities & derivatives as well, since 2006.

REDMIL Business Club

Launching very soon...! (this business club has a mission to provide better opportunity for individuals and businesses)

REDMIL Realty Pvt. Ltd.

REDMIL Reality Pvt. Ltd. is a private company dealing in the India’s largest chain of Real Estate projects. We pride ourself in being one of the most distinct Channel Partner Associates of UP East, India.

STFC Pvt. Ltd.

STFC Pvt. Ltd. Is the base company of REDMIL Group with which STFC had commenced its journey of 13 years.

STFC Estate Club

STFC Estate Club is the latest venture of REDMILGroup. It is one of the most prized sector into which REDMIL is going to venture.