ATM has made our life very easy. There is no doubt about it but the service of ATMs is not available everywhere however, in a cash crunch scenario like today Micro ATM is the best suitable option as it allows customers to perform financial transactions like Cash Withdrawal and Balance Enquiry.

What is Micro ATM?

Micro ATM is a mini and portable version of an ATM. Micro ATM is a card swipe device that is used by countless business correspondents through which you can remotely connect to the core banking system to deliver basic banking services. Micro ATM is best used to disburse cash in remote locations where bank branches cannot reach.

About Micro ATM

REDMIL has taken a step forward for the agents through a partnership with Yes Bank to provide Cash Withdrawal service with Micro ATM device which helps our partner to provide cash to their customers from their shop to conduct instant transactions. REDMIL provides the device at the lowest cost  and this amount is completely refundable (limited period offer). The agent doesn’t need to pay any monthly rental for this device because our motto is to provide the best device which can be affordable for everyone and we can create digital entrepreneurs PAN India.

Micro ATM is a modified card swipe cum Point of Sale machine

Through REDMIL Micro ATM device which can also enable point of sale (POS) services which is provided by the bank because you don’t have to pay any monthly rental with REDMIL POS device. This helps you to collect payment from debit card and credit card and all the payment which you are accepting from debit cards gets settled in real-time in your REDMIL Cash Wallet. This device is small and can be carried in your pocket and after charging for one hour you can easily use it for up to 10 Days. This device provides seamless connectivity and can be connected with Bluetooth.

What transaction can be done through Micro ATM?

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Enquiry

Benefits of using Micro ATM

  • Micro-ATM is a portable and easy-to-carry device suitable to set up anywhere in the semi-urban and rural area.
  • Low operation and maintenance cost than regular ATM.
  • Micro ATM is an interoperable device that can work for any bank.
  • Micro ATM promote financial inclusion, digital India and cashless society process.

Secure Transactions

  • Easy to extend banking services anywhere in the remote area using Micro ATM.
  • Flexible account access allows citizens to access their accounts at their convenience.

Micro ATM has been considered as a measure to deal with cash crunch or withdrawal problems in India and today Micro ATM is a privilege for everyone as it turns out to be a best source of additional income for our Partners.

Make REDMIL your financial growth partner!

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