Digital payment solutions for all your bills

REDMIL offers an online bill payment service platform that allows you to pay all your bills and your customers' bills digitally in just one click.

Bill payments are the most required services in the market as now every customer wants to pay bill conveniently saves time from waiting in a long queue and travelling long distances and here REDMIL App will be the most helpful and effortless option to pay all your customers' bills and REDMIL Business Mall offers all types of bill payment services directly with the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) which is a NPCI mandated system that offers integrated and inter operable bill payment services to customers PAN India with certainty, reliability, and safety of transactions.

Bill payment services provided by Redmil-

Electricity Bill Payments
Gas / LPG Bill Payments
Water Bill Payments
Landline / Cable TV / Broadband
Insurance Premium Payments Like:
Life Insurance / Health Insurance / LIC India
Loan Repayment

Credit Card Bills
Hospital Bills
Housing Society
Municipal Services
Municipal Taxes
Club & Association

REDMIL offers our partners to ensure regular monthly income through bill payment services as we offer commission up to Rs 13/- for each transaction so you can easily earn Rs 5,000 every month by just making payment for all your customers' bills.



Make REDMIL your financial growth partner!