Start Your Business

Welcome to India’s best B2B Fintech Platform which gives you opportunity to start your business. With the objective to make every Indian earn their livelihood by themselves, so keeping this in mind we are giving opportunity to start their own business mall & earn lot of money out of it. First download the app REDMIL BUSINESS MALL and start working with 100+ brands for 10+ sectors like:

  • Banking Services:
    Commercial Loans, Home Loans, Instant Loans, Online BL/PL, Credit Score, Fastag
  • Investment Services:
    Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposit, Gold Investment, Insurance, Real Estate Portal
  • Business Solution Services:
    Legal Services, Software, Digital Marketing, Web Development, ISO Services, Copyright & Trademark
  • Travel Services:
    Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Bus Booking, Car Booking
  • Digital India Services:
    Mobile Prepaid, Mobile Prepaid, Mobile Postpaid, DTH Bill, Electricity Bill, Gas Bill, Water Bill, AADHAAR Bill, AADHAAR ATM, Money Transfer


After registration create your mall in your own name
eg. Kapoor Business Mall / Ranbir / Kapoor & Sons etc.

Key offering of this unique platform is:

  • Exposure to work PAN INDIA
  • REDMIL LEARNING ACADEMY: A proper platform to learn about all the services available
  • Real time transaction of funds
  • Safe & secured Transactions: All your transaction will be secured with 256 bit encryption (SSL)
  • Auto Debit Payouts: Transfer your payout from wallet to your bank account
  • Real Time tracking: You can track your business at any point of time
  • Passive Income: Maximum product & services available on our app offer passive income
  • Business Reminder: There will be regular updates or the work done. You need not to maintain any data in excel or any other form
  • Share box: All the marketing creative will be provided which would be ready to share with your clients & prospects
  • Product Catalogue: You don’t need to carry papers or any catalogue with you; everything is in build in app so that you can easily share with your clients
  • Payout & Commission: All the offerings are in built in for individual services. Which can easily be accessible
  • Rates & ROI: They will be regularly updated as per the changes available on the app so you can easily compare & give the best deal to your clients.
  • How to Work on App: Videos are available on our app to give you guidance for the process of working. This will save your time & quick understanding of the all service
  • Wallet : you can receive payouts through: Cash Wallet, Advance Payment Wallet, Reward Point Wallet
  • Refer & Earn: You can help others & earn through it.

To open your Business Mall with Zero Investment

Work with 100+ national & international brands

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