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Work from home, Wo bhi fly light
Refer a Lead & Earn!

How does it work?

Refer a lead of only highly demanding products
Loans, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Real Estate, Equity, Deposits, Software, Digital Marketing, ISO services, Copyright & Trademark etc.

Refer a lead to be fulfilled by top brands only
Top Brands

Refer a lead & simply wait for our team and top brands to close the lead and earn attractive payouts

This is a fly light model, where your job will be just referring a lead to us and relax. You will be paid your payouts on closure of lead.

Why work with REDMIL Group

1. Identity confidentiality: - Your name will not be shared with Customer & any employees
2. Having established since 2006
3. Assured attractive payouts on time
4. Door step service to clients
5. Instant lead status on WhatsApp
6. Services of 100+ top national & International companies
7. Action on leads within 24 working hours

Refer a Lead form

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Payout Matrix

Product Lead Amount (Rs.) Payout (Rs.)
Home Loans Upto 30 lacs 3,000
30 lacs - 60 lacs 5,000
60 lacs & above 10,000
Business loan/ Personal loan Upto 30 lacs 6,000
30 lacs - 60 lacs 10,000
60 lacs & above 20,000
Loan Against property Upto 30 lacs 5,000
30 lacs - 60 lacs 8,000
60 lacs & above 15,000
Mutual Funds - 0.05% to 2%
on total
Real estate Sale - 10,000
Real estate Buy - 10,000
Fixed Deposits 49,000 - 99,000 100
1 lac - 2 lac 200
30 lacs - 60 lacs 10,000
60 lacs & above 20,000
Insurance 4 wheeler - 500
Medical Insurance - 1,000
Software - 5,000
ISO - 1,000
Digital marketing -
Copyrights & trademarks - 1,000

Talk to our consultant: Call 81-91-92-93-94

Mission behind this Initiative: -
This initiative is taken by REDMIL Group is to support channel partner of REDMIL business mall all across country by helping them with leads. REDMIL in their mission of creative digital entrepreneurs, supporting their channel partner in possible ways, this is one of those.

Are you interested in becoming Digital Entrepreneur, please go through “Why REDMIL” and become part of REDMIL family.


Now everyone will be fortunate to participate in EARN WITH FUN. We offer you to earn more & more by investing just few minutes of yours & that too through social media. Earn while you are on whats app or Facebook or even Instagram. Opportunity to grab money just at your comfort.
Get associated with 13 years experienced brand, sharing expertise knowledge. Work for all renowned companies.

How to work?

Step 1: Register yourself.
Step 2: Like & subscribe all our pages.
Step 3: download our creative.
Step 4: Start sharing through whats app, Facebook, Instagram or any other medium by adding your own number. this will help you in creating the client.which will create a lead , transfer that lead to us & after the closure you will EARN your part.
Earn 30% of revenue.

Work for Fastest growing sectors

Real Estate, Equity, Deposits, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Loans, Software, Digital Marketing, Copyright & Trademark.

Brands Associations

Benefits For You:

1) Everything at your comfort level.
2) No time boundation.
3) Earn at every closure of your lead.
4) Earn with minimum efforts.
5) 100% digital.
6) Closure of the lead will be our part of job.
7) Few products offers regular earning.
8) After sales services will be responsibility of the company.
9) Have all legal certification and licenses to related department.
For more information feel free to call us @9838454454

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