Account Opening Service
Welcome to the world of “digital banking” with REDMIL Business Mall. REDMIL is the only platform in India which is offering multiple accounts type in India’s top-ranked banks. Here you can easily get your customer’s account opened in few minutes with the finest bank like HDFC, Axis, Kotak811, AU, and many more and you will easily earn an attractive commission on every account opened. REDMIL offers various saving, current and salary accounts and provides its partners a choice to choose an account type according to their customer’s eligibility criteria.

Benefits you can provide to your customer


  • With the REDMIL’s account opening service you can give your customer a minimum balance account.
  • Banking welcome kit which offers a Debit Card, Passbook, Cheque book etc.
  • REDMIL is offering India’s top-ranking banks so here your customer will get an amazing chance to earn reward points with each transaction with their selective bank.
  • Your customer will get secure digital banking that follows all the security standards as per RBI guidelines.
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you can offer to your customer with REDMIL

Types of accounts

I. Saving Account

  • Premium Saving Account
  • Zero Balance Account

II. Current Account

  • Individual Current Account
  • Firm or individual Current Account

III. Salary Account

Banking in different type of accounts

Why to be with REDMIL?

  • Digital and secure banking at one platform.
  • Attractive commission on every account.
  • Easy to get any account opened just in a few minutes.
  • Proper assistance through how to work videos.
  • Learning will be easy with REDMIL’s expert account opening team.
  • Many more offers and rewards in my offer section

How Does It Work

With your REDMIL Business Mall App you can open your customer’s account with any bank or you can just share your link with your customer so your customer can open his account on his own with some basic information.

your financial growth partner!