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REDMIL Business Mall partners can easily transfer money to their customers all over India. Our Digital Entrepreneurs can easily transfer the amount to all major nationalized and private banks that operate in India and they have to collect cash from their walk-in customers, and they can digitally transfer their required amount to their loved ones in a safe and secure way with numerous authentication levels to ensure optimum safety. Cash can be used to provide Aadhaar Withdrawal service and this way we create a cycle for our partner’s benefit.

Key Features

  • Send money instantly.
  • Available 24*7*365.
  • SMS alert to customer for every transaction.
  • Attract more customers by providing easy and convenient value-added services.
  • Earn more income by getting a commission on every money transfer.
  • Efficient use of cash-in-drawer.
  • Provide basic banking services to customers and engage with them more.

Partner’s Benefits

Customer’s Benefits

  • Secure, easy and quick transfer of money to any bank in India.
  • No need to visit a bank, fill up forms, or have an account in the same bank to send money.
  • Transfer money anytime, even on bank holidays.
  • Only the recipient’s account number, your mobile phone and otp are needed to send money.

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