How we are “Creating Digital Entrepreneurs”

They associate:

We Invite optimistic people to become our channel partner, under franchise based model as Business Associate, Franchise or Master Franchise.


They learn:

We educate all our channel partners across the country at our online learning academy called REDMIL Learning academy (Available on where with the help of experts of respective industry, different courses have been designed for different products, where with the help of videos and other material, our channel partner not only knowledge about all the product but also training on how to sell these product and earn.


They use technology:

We have hand crafted with all our passion an online platform called REDMIL business mall (Available on Android & IOS), where our channel partners get the luxury of providing maximum of services in 10+ sectors to their clients completely online with single click.

We don’t stop when it comes to adopting latest technology, we are using Artificial Intelligence technology where our channel partners can have knowledge of highly experience experts in their pockets.


They fly light:

Our Aim is to create, a flight light model for our channel partners where they can serve more of their clients needs with less time, as time is the biggest asset and earn the money to rejoice with. To support this, we are taking all initiatives possible:

(1) Maximum products got completely online like Mutual Funds, Insurance, Fixed deposits and utility bill payments.
(2) Simply refer and earn: In other technical products like softwares, ISO services, Digital marketing, Trademark, CA services, we have trained and planted our team of experts in major cities of India to serve any requirement plus REDMIL got tie-up with best brands nationally to support further. Channel partners simply need to generate their client need of such services, pass on the lead to central team and relax!


They become financially independent:

REDMIL deal in products where their channel partners not just earn active income but passive income as well like mutual funds, Insurance, fixed deposits, softwares, digital marketing etc.

Not just that, REDMIL has gone extra mile in their aim of making they channel partners financially independent by designing a distribution channel which guarantees financial independency by earning not only on one’s self generated business but team’s generated business as well that too from:
:- Day one
:- Every day and
:- Lifetime


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