“Pay all your customer’s bills across categories via Credit Card To Bill Payment in seconds and avoid late payment charges…”

  • This service allows you to make payments of your customer’s credit card with another credit card.
  • You can pay bills of credit cards of any bank including HDFC bank, SBI, Axis bank, etc by using the Credit Card Bill Payment service.
  • With every bill payment of credit card of your customer, you can earn rewards and offers.
  • Makes payments simple.
  • For Visa, it allows credit card payments of all banks.

Benefits for REDMIL partners with Credit Card To Bill Payment-

  • Get the payout of 0.25% of every transaction amount.
  • Give your customer an easy and hassle-free payment method.
  • Make payments in real-time.
  • You can pay credit card bill online with the credit card of any bank including HDFC bank, SBI, Axis bank, etc.
  • Save on every credit card bill payment by availing a plethora of credit card bill payment offers.

How Does It Work-

With REDMIL Business Mall App you can pay any of your customer’s credit card bills just in 3 clicks and you can earn instant commission in your REDMIL cash wallet.

Make REDMIL your financial growth partner!